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                  JIANGSU SOPO CORPORATION (GROUP) LTD., referred to as ^SOPO ̄, Located in Jiangsu sopo chemical industry base in the eastern suburb of Zhenjiang, a famous historical and cultural city in China, It is located at the junction of the Yangtze river and the Beijing-hangzhou grand canal. It was founded in 1958, formerly known as Zhenjiang chemical plant, has developed into a national high-tech enterprise, national industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise. The group has a national postdoctoral research station, Jiangsu province coal-to-ethanol engineering research center, and Jiangsu province enterprise technology center. It is one of the establishment units of the national standard of industrial glacial acetic acid, Industrial ethanol, Industrial glacial acetic acid energy consumption quota per unit product, Industrial methanol, Calcium hypochlorite (bleaching powder), and the industry standard of "foaming agent

                  SOPO now owns three industrial chains of coal chemical industry, fine chemical industry and basic chemical industry. One is the coal chemical industry chain with acetic acid as the core. In 1992, we independently developed the low pressure carbonyl synthetic acetic acid technology and built the national "921" acetic acid project. At present, we have 1.2 million tons/year acetic acid production capacity, and 400,000 tons/year ethyl acetate production capacity. Second, a fine chemical industry chain with ADC foaming agent as the core, with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of ADC foaming agent, and its quality is among the best in China. Third, the basic chemical industry chain with sulfuric acid as the core, has a comprehensive production capacity of 1.1 million tons of sulfuric acid.

                  SOPO covers manufacturing, service, logistics and other development sectors. Among them, JIANGSU SOPO CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. is the first main board listed company in Zhenjiang, Stock symbol: 600746; JIANGSU SOPO CHEMICAL CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. has the second-level qualification of general contractor of petrochemical engineering. The general contractor of mechanical and electrical engineering and construction engineering has the third-level qualification, and the professional contractor of architectural decoration engineering and waterproof and anticorrosive engineering has the second-level qualification, Grade 3 qualification in professional contracting of steel structure engineering and construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering, and GB2, GC2, GD2 pressure pipeline installation and A2 pressure vessel manufacturing special qualification; JIANGSU SOPO ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has class B design qualification in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry (chemical engineering, petroleum and chemical product storage


                Group Address: Contact No. 101, Qiusuolu, Jingkou District, Zhenjiang City
                Jiangsu Province: 0511-88995000
                Group Mailbox: sopo@quanmin-fu.com
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